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Arabia Mountain Lifestyle Family Photography Session Guide - your extraordinary adventure

Whenever I book a session at Arabia mountain, I still get butterflies. I can’t tell you how special and beautiful this place is. I remember, when I first moved to Atlanta, it was just me and my two dogs. I came here for a hike and this place just took my breath away. Years later, it’s an honor to photograph at this gorgeous location.

What is a lifestyle family session?

It’s a storytelling approach to your family photography session. It’s laid back, candid, and emotive. No expectations, no pressure, no forced poses, just you and your family. I always tell my families not to stress and just look at it as your family outing. We hike, we make a few stops, we chat, we laugh and take photos in between. I will guide you and capture those in between moments, but really…. It’s all about fun and it's all about you and your family.

Arabia mountain

As Arabia Alliance describes it, it’s an “Exceptional Ecological Wonder”. It’s located close to Atlanta area and while it’s a bit of a hike, it’s so worth it! If you haven’t gone on a hike with your family, please do so! You won’t regret it!

What to expect during your lifestyle family shoot at Arabia Mountain?

These sessions take about 90 minutes and we shoot at sunset. Yes! We get to watch the sunset at the top of the mountain. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk to the mountain, and once we get there, there is a steep, but a short hike. Again, we make a few stops to take photos and just enjoy the views.

It's all about the sunset!

Why this is such a special location? We get to watch the sunset! And the best part... You'll get to do it while sitting at the top of the mountain and snuggling your loved ones. How awesome is that?

What to wear?

I recommend for moms to wear flowy dresses (that wind creates such a beautiful movement!) and for the rest of the family wear neutral/earthy tones. But whatever you decide to choose, make sure it’s you and you feel comfortable! Need some help in this department? Reach out to me and we'll pick your perfect outfit.

What else do I need to bring?

I ask families just to bring themselves and a bottle of water. We really don’t need anything else. You won't need special hiking boots, also no blankets since there are no grassy areas. I want to make sure we are able to capture those moments as we walk towards the mountain. It's all about candid photography and you enjoying the moment, not worrying about where to put your bags!

Leave no trace behind!

Please step on the granite and avoid any puddles, pits and sandy patches as it’s home for plants. No trash left behind, we want to be able to come back and enjoy it over and over again.

Would like to learn more about Atlanta Lifestyle Family Sessions? Let’s chat!

I would love to be your Family's photographer. If you have any questions! Let’s chat and let’s plan your next adventure! Email:

With Love,

Kristina Sv Photography, your Atlanta Lifestyle Family Photographer


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