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Let's rethink newborn photography. Let's make it simple. Let's go back to the basics

Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Atlanta lifestyle photographer. Newborn twins, candid in-home session
Atlanta Newborn Photographer - Twin session

Atlanta, GA- When I was looking for a newborn photographer, I was overwhelmed by the amount of photographers that offered perfectly posed newborn sessions. The images were like a piece of art, but something was missing. The parents... the siblings... the family...the daily mess... YOU!

I am not here to write this post and tell you why you should choose lifestyle photography, I am here to say that there are options. There are options for everyone. Whether you want a perfectly posed family portrait and those impeccable newborn photos, or want a photographer to capture the chaos of having a newborn and your imperfectly perfect family; you have a choice. You don't have to settle. One isn't better over the other, it's just different.

I choose a more laid back approach to newborn photography, just because I want to capture you and your family as you are. The first days, weeks, months are such a haze. We, moms and dads, don't feel at our best and we just want to focus on that new perfect bundle of joy. We want to hide and avoid the camera. But guess what? One day you'll want to have these memories! You'll want to be in these pictures. We might look tired, we might be still carrying that extra baby weight, but our kids won't care. They'll want to see you, because one day, these photos will be all that they'll have left.

Those itty bitty toes, those tiny hands, right here, in your arms. Get in the frame, get those photos, they are little for so little. I am still blown away how fast the time goes by once you have children. So desperately you try to hold on to that tiny human and so desperately wish for the time to slow down, but they grow up... They grow up way faster than you've expected. That's why newborn photography is so important. You'll never get this time back, they'll never be this little and I am here to capture these moments at least for a few hours. To freeze the time... so that one day you can look back at the images and remember how little once they were.

What do you need to do to prepare for the newborn session?

Keep it simple, don't overthink. Remove the clutter, pick some plain and simple outfits and just be you!

What can you expect during the newborn session session?

When I come to your home, I walk through the house and pick the room with the best natural light. Most of the time we choose the nursery or/and your bedroom. But honestly, any room works as long as there is good light. These sessions are about you and your family, your love for each other, not about the props and surroundings.

I don't have any expectations or set shot list in my head, because each family is unique. I am here to capture the connection and your daily lives. Whether you are loving on each other, laughing, crying, nursing/feeding, I am here to capture it all. Why? Because one day you'll forget these little in between moments and I want you to have these memories.

Want to learn more about lifestyle newborn photography? Let's chat!


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